Ask a hundred people what one of the things they want the most in life is, and many of them will supply the same answer: they want to feel well or have a sense of wellness. But what is wellness, exactly?

The dictionary defines wellness as the state of being in good health. At Mahalo, “Wellness” is part of our name because we know our CBD is capable of helping patients achieve that sense of good health they long to have.  We’ve witnessed this in chiropractic treatment centers firsthand, which is why we are so passionate about getting CBD into the hands of chiropractors who constantly hear “I just don’t feel well” from their patients

CBD & Homeostasis

Homeostasis is a stable balance in the physiological sense. Our bodies are in such a constant state of stress and frenzy that true homeostasis is rarely ever achieved. Hormones are fluctuating, stress is wreaking havoc, and everything gets so out of whack, people don’t sleep well, can’t find energy, have weakened immune systems, and lose all sense of feeling well. There are a few stats that show just how big of a problem the population has

One particular bodily system responsible for maintaining equilibrium is the endocannabinoid system, but this system is often overlooked and neglected. The CBD receptors of this system are not getting what they need, so what happens? All those erratic hormones and chemical functions are allowed to stay in their constant state of frenzy.

CBD Changes Everything

Picture this: A patient comes to your chiropractic office for years. Visit after visit, they have the same complaints: something is off; they don’t have energy; their mood is unstable; they can’t seem to feel better. You do all you’ve been trained to do to help your patient and nothing seems to help. Finally, you recommend they give CBD a try, and everything changes.

Dr. Gabe Ellis, founder of Mahalo Wellness, actually had this experience with his own patients. He enjoyed his practice and helping patients, but realized there was something more than just typical adjustments and physical manipulations that those patients needed. When he was given samples of CBD by a close friend in the business, his patients did feel better beyond the time they spent in the office, and it was then that everything changed

CBD is capable of delivering the body the compounds needed by the endocannabinoid system to level out that constant state of hormonal and chemical frenzy. One person who has trouble sleeping because of high cortisol levels could potentially get the rest they need. Another person who loses all focus just a few hours into the workday because of low levels of estrogen or testosterone may find the energy they need once CBD is introduced into the body.

At Mahalo Wellness, we stand behind only the highest quality CBD oil because we know that for the CBD to actually promote wellness in the body, it must have the proper concentrations. If you would like to know more about becoming a partner with Mahalo because you want patients to find wellness, reach out to us for more information.