CBD oil is rapidly gaining popularity among adults for its therapeutic effects, and studies show use among children is spreading as well. However, that does not necessarily mean it is safe for children to consume, as medicines that are safe for adults are not automatically safe for children as well. However, many case studies have performed extensive tests and concluded that CBD products can indeed be both safe and beneficial for children if taken properly.

CBD Oil Therapeutic Effects for all Ages

A few quick facts about CBD oil: it is found in cannabis plants, similar to the chemical THC which is known for causing the psychoactive effects of using marijuana. However, CBD is unique in that it has therapeutic effects if consumed, with none of the psychoactivity or “high” feeling that marijuana is traditionally known for.

CBD has been found to have positive effects on an impressive range of processes in the body. It has been shown to help control people’s moods, manage their anxiety, and help them sleep better. It helps to ease nausea, pain, schizophrenia symptoms, opioid withdrawal symptoms, and so many more. The best thing of all: researchers still do not have the full picture on what CBD can do, and it will likely be found to have even more positive effects in the future.

This has been shown not just by scientific research, but by specific case studies as well. The Permanante Journal, a peer-reviewed journal focused on medicinal research, published a study in 2016 on the effects of CBD when taken by a 10-year old girl. The girl was suffering from PTSD, which led to her struggling with anxiety and not getting enough sleep. She was prescribed a dose of CBD which was consumed every night at bedtime. Over the next 5 months, the girl saw a gradual decrease of her anxiety symptoms and began to get much better sleep. More good news: there were no observed side effects!

CBD Oil Shown to Help Epilepsy Symptoms

CBD has even been shown to help with the symptoms of epilepsy in children. A 2017 review published by the Journal of Epilepsy Research described several studies in which the effects of CBD are tested on epileptic children. 162 patients ranging from the ages of 1 to 30, all of which had struggled with epilepsy since childhood and had seen minimal benefits from previous treatments. All patients were given a small dose of CBD to start, which was gradually increased over the course of the study. After 12 weeks of treatment, it was found that on average, the amount of seizures each patient had was 36.5% less than before they started the CBD treatment. This led the researchers to conclude that CBD may be a factor in reducing the frequency of seizures among children and young adults with epilepsy.

Scientific Research Continues to Support Findings

It is important to note that although these test results are promising for the CBD business, they do not mean CBD is 100% safe and effective for all people and for all treatments. CBD is still a new industry, and studies are still being done to confirm how effective it is for various treatments, what side effects it has, and whether it’s safe for all people to use. It’s also important to remember that any correlation between the use of CBD and the easing of negative symptoms is just that, a correlation. It’s hard to prove that CBD explicitly causes these therapeutic effects, as there may be other variables that researchers do not yet know about or that may be hard to control for.

There is a good amount of research to show that CBD has been helpful for many people, and it could easily be beneficial for your clients and customers as well.