As a chiropractor looking to offer CBD products to patients, you need to know that you have a distributor you can trust to give you and your practice top-quality products and service.  Mahalo Wellness is a reputable distributor of full-spectrum CBD oil products, from capsules to tinctures, and we only distribute to chiropractors. We may be only one choice among several, so why should you become a Mahalo Wellness chiropractor who works with us? There are actually a handful of reasons and benefits to collaborate with Mahalo.

1. Mahalo Offers Transparency

When looking at buying CBD supplements, you need to be able to clearly see how the product is produced from the seed to the shelf. One difference with Mahalo is we show you our entire process. You get to see the labs where our products are produced, we will provide you with detailed testing analyses, and you will know where the CBD products come from without question. You will also know where our plants are grown before they are harvested to start the CBD deriving process. This transparency gives you confidence in the brand so you know exactly what you are recommending to your patients.

2. Mahalo Provides a Step-by-Step Training Process

Typically, if a doctor chooses to start offering CBD oil, they will seek out who they believe to be a reputable distributor, order their products, and then take it upon themselves to sell those products to their patients the best they can. Unfortunately, because CBD is such a relatively new treatment product, not everyone is armed with the proper knowledge to be a good sales rep for the products. When you work with Mahalo, we make sure you know all you need to know to pass along the products to your patients by offering a three-phase training process.

Phase One: Educating you about CBD to give you an underlying foundation of knowledge about the products.

Phase Two: Helping you with communicating your newfound knowledge to your patients.

Phase Three: Setting up a community event to introduce CBD to your patients the way you want to do so.

3. Mahalo Is the Chiropractic Brand

The final and perhaps the most important reason to work with Mahalo Wellness is we are one of the few CBD oil distributors that work with specifically chiropractors. Mahalo Wellness was actually founded by a chiropractor, and we understand the importance of having products that are directly and specifically recognized for treatment in that particular field. You will not find the Mahalo brand available anywhere else, and you can only get our products if you have a chiropractic practice.

Overall, Mahalo Wellness strives to build working relationships with our doctors so we can deliver the benefits of CBD oil to as many patients as possible. We know that with congruent ideas and a shared passion for helping patients, together we can do just that.