Mahalo Wellness - Our Story - Endocannabinoid System Support

The benefits of CBD oil are mentioned all over the place, and quite the buzz is surrounding the whole idea that CBD could be the key to helping patients ailing from everything from sleep pattern disruptions to chronic pain. Yet, when you really want to get down to the brass text and see the benefits in chiropractic treatment of using or recommending CBD oil for your patients, all you really need to do is look at patient testimonials. People have great things to say about how CBD oil has changed their lives, and at Mahalo Wellness, we know how important chiropractor patient testimonials really are.

Overcoming the Stigma Surrounding CBD with Science

The initial challenge of incorporating CBD treatment into their practice for most chiropractors is the stigma associated with CBD because it is a cannabis-related derivative. Science has proven over and over, through many trials and research efforts, that CBD can be supremely efficient at helping people overcome or deal with certain issues. A few of the most noteworthy to mention include

  • A study performed on arthritic rats showed CBD topical agents significantly reduced pain and inflammation and showed no negative side effects.
  • Research shows that ongoing CBD use could help lower how much spasticity a person with MS feels.
  • A study by the Journal of Experimental Medicine also shows CBD could be highly effective in treating chronic pain, and tolerance development was not an issue.

Numerous real-life patients are more than willing to share their personal experiences with CBD. One blogger took CBD oil for 30 days and saw a relief from period pain, lower anxiety levels, better sleep, and an overall enhanced mood. In her experience write-up, she mentions a cardiologist who recommends CBD oil for patients for all kinds of situations, from smoking cessation to stress relief. Carrie Anton offered her experience in her published piece on Fibromyalgia Today, and she mentions that CBD helped her make it through the workday, sleep better, and feel much less pain.

Chiropractor Patient Testimonials is the Proof in the Pudding

Once you start using CBD in your chiropractic practice, you will garner ample amounts of proof from your own patients through their testimonials. While we back CBD to the fullest at Mahalo, we are always amazed at just how much CBD oil changes the lives of the patients our chiropractors treat with CBD. Best of all, CBD oil offers speedy results, anywhere from a few minutes to 60 minutes depending on the delivery method. Therefore, it’s not impossible to treat a patient with CBD oil in the office and have them ready to jot down their experiences on a testimonial sheet before they ever leave.

Mahalo knows testimonials from patients are hugely important, so chiropractors who use our products get testimonial sheets that are branded with their practice’s name. This makes it easy for patients to share their personal experiences. Mahalo Wellness is a distributor of a full spectrum of quality CBD oil products, and we work specifically with chiropractors. Reach out to us today for more information about how CBD oil testimonials are the proof you need that CBD is highly advantageous in the field.