As of 2018, 30 states have legalized marijuana on some level, and that number is expected to bloom over the coming years. As more interest is taken in the medicinal benefits of cannabis, more people are focusing on a cannabis derivative that is highly regarded for its medical value: Cannabidiol or CBD oil. While there have been many studies on how CBD oil can help people with physical ailments, such as pain and inflammation, the benefits for more psychological conditions like anxiety are just beginning to emerge—but in a promising way.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabis has multiple types of cannabinoids, CBD and THC are two examples. CBD binds to receptors in the brain just like THC, but it does so without the euphoric or high feeling that THC is most noted for among cannabis users. CBD oil is basically a concentrated form of CBD that does not contain enough THC to cause any problems. Basically, users get the benefits of Cannabis without the high, which is why more patients seeking medical relief from cannabis products turn to CBD oil.

Not only does CBD oil provide benefits without the euphoria, it also has few side effects to worry about, which is a huge change compared to some prescription drugs used to treat anxiety and other illnesses.

Does CBD Oil Help with Anxiety?

In the brain, there are numerous receptors that are attached to cells. These receptors constantly receive chemical signals and these signals affect the cells. CB1 is one of these receptors that seems to respond to CBD stimuli. It is assumed that when CBD stimulates the CB1 receptor, it affects serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a key player in psychological disruption and wellness because when levels are low, it can lead to depression and anxiety. Adversely, high serotonin levels help enhance or improve these issues.

Are There Any Scientific Studies on CBD Oil and Anxiety?

A lot of people use CBD oil already for proposed or suspected benefits for conditions like anxiety, but formal scientific studies are so far few in numbers. However, there are some clinical trials set to begin as early as 2018 that are expected to have outcomes that will change the reliability of CBD as an effective anxiety treatment comparable to prescription drugs.

There have been some studies that have led researchers to believe CBD oil will be effective for anxiety. The National Institute on Drug Abuse stated:

A few small-scale studies have been done on humans with anxiety or relative conditions and how CBD oil helped. In 2011, a small trial was accomplished with patients experiencing SAD, and all patients experienced marked improvement in anxiety levels. Some studies have shown CBD seems to help with insomnia relative to anxiety and even some types of social anxiety, panic disorders, and even obsessive-compulsive disorder. In 2016, a study on a child with PTSD proved that CBD oil helped the patient with anxiety and sleep.

More scientific research is needed, and scientists in the psychological community are focused on creating several in-depth studies to better pin down how CBD oil affects those with psychological problems like various forms of anxiety and depression. Anxiety relative to addiction recovery or opiate or alcohol withdrawal has also been a big part of ongoing research.

Overall, it seems that CBD could quickly become a big player in the field of treating some forms of anxiety. It just may take some time to see all the promising studies to be completed to prove to the public on a more professional level that CBD oil is an excellent alternative to other forms of treatment.

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