CBD and Sports – An Athlete’s ACL Recovery Story

ACL recoveryThis elite-level athlete suffered an ACL tear upon contact during an intense basketball game. Her ACL recovery story is one for the books! CBD and Sports injuries are becoming more prevalent and impacted her recovery. She visited her chiropractor prior to the incident for regular adjustments considering all of the daily stress her body experienced.

A few weeks after ACL surgery, this athlete took Mahalo Wellness CBD Tincture daily to help reduce inflammation and pain during her ACL recovery. Several months later once the incision was closed and healed, her chiropractor also recommended using the CBD salve ointment around the knee and behind it.

ACL Recovery Rehab and Treatment

Following orthopedic protocol and intense physical therapy, she was cleared within 5-1/2 months! She continues to build strength and is pleased to say she’s back on the court within 8 months from the incident!

The most pleasant surprise about her ACL recovery was how the CBD salve ointment seemed to have flattened the ACL scar compared to some other friends who had similar experiences.

Mahalo Wellness CBD and Sports works! As a daily supplement, your patients will also enjoy the many benefits.

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