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Mahalo Wellness is the nation’s leading CBD product company serving customers and health and wellness practitioners nationwide.

Our Mission is to provide the best natural, organic and highest quality CBD products on the marketplace. We help our customers achieve these areas of total body wellness:

  • Balance

  • Rejuvenate

  • Optimize

Strive to live the Mahalo Lifestyle – full of joy and thanks. Because CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system, it helps to promote homeostasis in the body, reducing the sensation of pain and inhibiting inflammation. By adding CBD products into your daily routine, you’ll work towards achieving total body wellness.

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Mahalo Wellness is a collaboration between high school friends who reconnected with a unified goal – to educate the chiropractor community on how CBD oil could be used to further their patient wellness goals. This initiative has grown to the nation’s leading CBD product company serving consumers and health practitioners with quality CBD products nationwide.

Dr. Gabe Ellis
Dr. Gabe Ellis
Gabe Ellis is a certified chiropractor and owner of a successful clinic in the Greater Chicago area. As an ambassador of wellness in his community, his desire was and is to treat patients in their journey to physical and mental well being. Gabe’s deepest desire was to help patients once they left the fours walls of his clinic. He understood that many patients were dealing with anxiety, depression and inflammation issues that went far beyond what he could offer by just performing an adjustment. His research led him to learning about CBD oil and how it was proven to be effective in many of the above mentioned health issues.
Mike Leago
Mike Leago
Mike Leago understands the supply chain behind legally growing and selling hemp. His expertise lies in the science and farming of cannabis for use in CBD products. During his time in Colorado he has forged relationships with growers and become an expert on the hemp supply chain. Mike is a believer in CBD oil as an alternative medicine. Mike oversees production and quality assurance for Mahalo Wellness.
Isaac Oswalt
Isaac Oswalt
Isaac Oswalt had been experiencing chronic pain for years due to a past sports injury. Knowing their friend had not had success with traditional medicine and was on the brink of yet another surgery, Gabe and Mike introduced their new CBD oil capsule to Isaac to determine if it could help his pain symptoms. CBD oil reduced Isaac’s need to take pain meds such as Vicodin and has improved his overall health and well being. Isaac joined the Mahalo Wellness family and leads the logistics and operations team.


Mahalo Wellness offers your business a profitable product line to grow your practice. Consumers are searching for the best CBD products to help achieve total body wellness. We can help provide the solution.

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